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Lyon Elementary School is committed to achieving and maintaining the following:
- A clear and shared focus on student learning.
- High Academic, social standards and expectations for our learning community.
- Effective school leadership, which fosters mutual respect and trust.
- High levels of collaboration and communication within our learning community.
- Aligned curriculum, instruction, and assessment, with District and State Standards.
- Continual monitoring of teaching and learning methods, with adjustments made to meet the individual needs of our learning community.
- Focused professional development that is reflective of Lyon Elementary, District, or State goals.
- A learning environment where people feel safe, supported, and respect is evident; a facility that is conducive to learning.
- High levels of community/family involvement, working to improve students' academic and personal growth.
- A learning environment that honors different learning and teaching styles, confronts bias, stereotypes, and prejudicial attitudes, and displays respect for diversity.