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About Lyon Elementary School

2020 Roberson Road
Lyon, Mississippi

(662) 624-8544
(662) 621-8996
Marcus Johnson
School Colors:
Royal Blue and White
Mission Statement:
"Committed to academic excellence, dedicated to the success of all children."
Vision Statement

Lyon Elementary School is committed to achieving and maintaining the following:

  • A clear and shared focus on student learning.
  • High Academic, social standards and expectations for our learning community.
  • Effective school leadership, which fosters mutual respect and trust.
  • High levels of collaboration and communication within our learning community.
  • Aligned curriculum, instruction, and assessment, with District and State Standards.
  • Continual monitoring of teaching and learning methods, with adjustments made to meet the individual needs of our learning community.
  • Focused professional development that is reflective of Lyon Elementary, District, or State goals.
  • A learning environment where people feel safe, supported, and respect is evident; a facility that is conducive to learning.
  • High levels of community/family involvement, working to improve students' academic and personal growth.
  • A learning environment that honors different learning and teaching styles, confronts bias, stereotypes, and prejudicial attitudes, and displays respect for diversity.
Meet the Principal
Marcus Johnson
Marcus-Kwabena Johnson
First I would like to thank the community, school board, and superintendent of Coahoma County School District for entrusting me with the honor of
serving as principal of Lyon Elementary School. Any and every decision I make, action I take, is conducted with one central thought in mind...what is
best for the children of Lyon Elementary. Eighteen combined years of instructional and administrative experience have revealed to me that learning is fluid, and that children are more inclined to become model citizens when receiving an education that is holistic in nature. With that in mind, we make every effort to explore social and emotional learning and creative expression; alongside academic rigor, in order to develop innovative young minds that are ready to tackle the world.
Simply put, Lyon Elementary WILL be a safe and nurturing environment that takes into account and addresses the specific development needs of all children. Into every student that enters the doors of LES we will speak confidence, love, and achievement. It is my sincere goal to produce students that become the agents of change that will one day lead our society. I invite you all to partake in this magnificent journey of growth and development. 

Welcome to Lyon Elementary...where Bobcats roar!!!